'I Am Error' available on online music platforms

'Forever Frozen' available on online music platforms

'Coalesce' available on online music platforms

Performance [IN]VISIBLE

Coalesce Album Release


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10 Steps

First composition for a new project called 'I Am Error' - Piano | Electronics

Recording Coalesce Cycle

Working hard to finalise the recording of my Coalesce cycle which investigates the evolution of the computer musician, from invisible, disembodied entity to full fledged multi-medial performer. Furthermore, it explores the balance between the acoustic and the electronic properties that exist in an electro-acoustic setting. Official studio recording release is expected in September 2016 with the support of KCB and ChampdAction

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Symbiotic Cube release



New monome patch CollidR under construction. It’ll serve as a case study on audience’s understanding of electronic music performance for my PhD research “Towards An Artistic Performance Strategy For Computer Musicians”

> @ Bandcamp

> is a collection piano/monome based improvisations.

DatA @ Bandcamp

DatA is a collection of animated noise patterns from which complex rhythmic and melodic structures emerge.