Ultomaton goes 'Life'

I recently released ULTOMATON, a generative effects processor built to provide live electronic accompaniment for any acoustic improviser. It uses John Conway's Game of Life to trigger events. These events are reflected in changes of Ultomaton's effect parameters. Although the Game of Life is at the very core of this application, Ultomaton feels very much like a game of chance, which can be controlled by the performer to a great extent. As different settings have a considerable influence on the auditory result, Ultomaton provides a myriad of electronic backdrops to improvise with.

you can download Ultomaton for free. If you like Ultomaton, consider a donation so I can continue to develop and maintain the app.

'I Am Error' available on online music platforms

'Forever Frozen' available on online music platforms

'Coalesce' available on online music platforms

Performance [IN]VISIBLE

Coalesce Album Release


order your hard copy here

Alpha - Binaural Beat Generator

A simple pure-tone binaural beat generator for Max For Live


download here

10 Steps

First composition for a new project called 'I Am Error' - Piano | Electronics


My 'control' application for monome grids is added in the featured applications list over at monome.org


Recording Coalesce Cycle

Working hard to finalise the recording of my Coalesce cycle which investigates the evolution of the computer musician, from invisible, disembodied entity to full fledged multi-medial performer. Furthermore, it explores the balance between the acoustic and the electronic properties that exist in an electro-acoustic setting. Official studio recording release is expected in September 2016 with the support of KCB and ChampdAction

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